Keeping Kinleys Clothes Like New With Dreft #dreftlaundry

Kinley Cozy Cutie

Having 5 kids I know what detergents are the best to wash their clothes in and which ones aren’t.  With baby’s you tend to do a lot of laundry and with Kinley I find that we are doing even more lately because she is such a messy eater.  We have a few favorite outfits of Kinleys that […]

Get a Free Copy of The Charge, enter to win a great prize and change your life! #ChargedLife

  I don’t usually take on book reviews, I just feel with my busy life I don’t often enough have the time to read an entire book to do a review.  When I was offered this opportunity to review The Charge I will admit I wavered but I was quite intrigued by the subject of the book […]

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Life is a roller coaster of ups and downs.  As a family we take them as they come but sometimes there is just a moment that we will never forget, can take our breath away, make us laugh and cry all at the same time.  I think our most recent moment was the very moment […]