Brandcation ~ Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show & Arabian Nights

Arabian Nights

I know there has been a few posts about Brandcation but the trip was so amazing that I really wanted to split everything up so that you could get the entire experience.  I have told you about the attractions, the sponsors, the great places we got to stay thanks to Global Resort Homes (whom by […]

Brandcation ~ Global Resort Homes


I have told you about a few of our adventures already on Brandcation but one thing I have not yet shared with you about was our accomodations. Global Resort Homes was our main and super amazing sponsor.  Arrangements headed up by Tara Salinas who also spent the weekend going on adventures with us she is […]

Brandcation ~ Boggy Creek Airboat Rides & Gatorland

Boggy creek 2

So I told you about our crazy outing on day one to Florida Eco Safaris and now I want to share with you day two.  I am going to do both outings in one post so hang on for this awesome ride. The first thing we did was get up and leave our beautiful houses […]

Brandcation ~ Thank You Sponsors

Food Sponsors

In order for an event like this to take place there is a lot of hard work behind the scenes with the planners trying to get everything organized from events, to food, accommodations, swag and the like.  This event was sponsored by many companies and I just wanted to share this with you now and […]

Brandcation ~ Florida Eco Safaris

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