What is one phrase that all of us moms go crazy for?  The kids are asleep.  No, not the one I was thinking of, how about – I have a coupon.  Come on, don’t we all love to find a great coupon for our favorite places.  I always tell my husband how much money I […]


I am a comparison shopper, I always have been if I can save some money then I am all over it. I would rather not drive from store to store though because in the long run the price of fuel outweighs the deal I received from driving all over. With you can get some […]

Flirty Aprons 30% off coupon

Back in October I had the chance to bring you Flirty Aprons, if you are new to my blog or want to re-read it you can view my review of them HERE. Flirty Aprons has emailed me to let me know about a coupon they want me to share with you all.  You can save […]