We have company from the North Pole..They sure do love their Elfcapades


The year before last Maddisyn got a little Elf visitor from the North Pole sent special to her from Santa to help watch over her and make sure she belonged on the nice list.  Knowing the favorite snack of the elf is crackers and water we put these out on our cupboard every night for […]

We have a new family member…sort of

jingle 2

I say sort of because you see Santa sent an elf to live with us for the time being, the elf’s name is Jingle and he is a Magical Elf.  She has made her way to live with us only until Christmas Eve when she will have her bags packed and ready for Santa to […]

Elf Magic, Tradition At-A-Glance

elf magic post 2

Elf Magic is the booming tradition where Santa’s “magic” Elves visit children’s homes during the Christmas season. The visiting Elf comes to life at night to embark on all kinds of adventures – the remnants of which surprise children when they awake the next morning. Elf Magic Elves are also very sweet and enjoy being […]