Maddy was sick … I think

My poor little girl woke up this morning with really bad diarrhea and throwing up.  It has been so crappy here lately and finally yesterday and today it got super warm so I had planned on getting some work done in the morning, napping the babies and then heading out to the park for a […]

Tis the Season

Thats right tis the season, but not for the holidays, for the cold and flu to strike.  Here at our house the cold is already making its move to attack.  Holden got it but I have managed to keep teh rest of us healthy, how is that you ask. Well when the cold hits i […]

Good intentions…Bad Computer

I know i have not really blogged much, I had a family issue happen on Monday at a family dinner that i will post more about later but it really took a lot out of me and i needed to take time for me to regroup, and then I had full intentions of getting another […]

They’re Home

The boys are home from camping, they say they had fun but are typical kids and don’t say much more. Chase’s favorite part of the weekend was when they got to go on a manhunt because a kid from another group ran away because they took his stick from him lol. I am going to […]

So i put my YA-YA in the WA-WA briefly…

For about an hour, then they closed the park.  My title is actually the motto of the waterpark we went to “Put your YA-YA in the WA-WA, that was the only funny part about my day.  We drove about an hour to get there, picture us all cramped in a van, my and my husband […]