Holdens One – Playskool Wheels Pals Classic Giveaway – ENDED

playskool_logo 100 x 100

I love Playskool, it is a brand I have trusted with my kids for ages and I continually buy items made by them because I believe they are more durable and stand up to the heavy abuse toys suffer in a multi-child household.  Playskool sent us their Wheel Pals classic animals in the turtle and […]

Holdens One – Text Message Baby Review


We have all done it when texting, messaging or even posting on our blog or online forums we visit, even my mom does it and she is not very internet savvy. You know what I am talking about LOL, LMBO, GTG, TTYL, BFF, AFK all those special text messaging abbreviations I know there are a […]

Holdens One – Hopscotch Tees


Hopscotch Tees was a pleasure to work with.  Very fast shipping and adorable products everything that I look for, well mostly everything.  I also look for quality, standing up to washing, colors and fit and it is all there with Hopscotch Tees.  Holden got a shirt for his birthday and he looks simply adorable wearing […]