Spook-tacular Halloween Giveaway from Kraft ($100 Value)

Kraft goodies

Last year if you will remember we did a Halloween box from Kraft full of stuff to make Halloween fun.  My kids loved the brain mold so much and cannot wait for me to bust it out this year and make them some brains for school and scouting events. We got another fun box of [...]

Sludgy Chocolate-Peanut Butter Martini Recipe


When we went to Maggiano’s Little Italy for dinner at the #BlogEats conference they were serving this drink, I tried a sip of Kellis and I think that if it had just a bit less vodka in it I could have really enjoyed drinking one. Sludgy Chocolate-Peanut Butter Martini (alcholic drink) Prep Time: 15 minutesYield: [...]

CHIPS AHOY! Wiches from #DeliciousByte


With the snow finally melting away and the sun shining through it is time to eat all those fantastic summer treats.  I love to have ice cream sandwiches but hate the price tag behind them.  thanks to Kraft CHIPS AHOY! cookies and Breyers Ice Cream I don’t have to buy it anymore and instead my [...]

Easy Chicken Enchiladas


In November I got to spend some time in Chicago at the Kraft kitchens and was introduced to Cooking Creme, I was burst at the seams when I came home with information on this, I couldn’t wait to actually cook with it for my family.  Monday night I went ahead and cooked it up for [...]

Kick Back with the Girls at Outback Steakhouse (Giveaway)


While dinner out with my family is something that I really enjoy doing because we get to spend time together at a dinner table talking with no distractions and I get the pleasure of knowing someone else is going to clear the table and do the dishes I sometimes think dinner out with the girlfriends [...]

Kraft Ultimate Sandwich – Panini Press Giveaway ENDED


Sandwiches are like edible works of art.  And like art, everyone has their preference about the creation. Some sandwich enthusiasts would say how you layer individual ingredients has a big effect on the taste.  Others are sticklers for nostalgia and comfort, using mom’s tried-and-true recipes.  The possibilities are endless when it comes to making the [...]

Big Game Giveaway with Kraft ~ Ended


As a Delicious Byte Blogger I am a very very lucky person.  I get exclusive recipies, deals, coupons etc straight from Kraft quite often.  Not only am I lucky though, you are very lucky as well because when I get these great things from Kraft I come straight here and share them with you.  This [...]

Unwrap 50% Savings to Disney On Ice with KRAFT Singles!


As you all know by now I am a Delicious Byte blogger.  What this means is I am one of a handful of bloggers who gets to share exclusive offers and content from Kraft with you.  I have shared recipes from Kraft and now I am sharing this great promotion that Kraft and Disney on [...]

5 Edible Holiday Gifts

Instead of holiday shopping, wouldn’t your readers rather be at home baking with their families? What better way to show someone you appreciate them than by presenting them with a homemade gift they can eat? Edible holiday gifts are a way to tell teachers or close friends that they’re worth the extra effort. Plus, your kids will [...]

“Steakhouse” Grinder


Prep Time: 10 min. | Makes: 1 serving.