Mothers Day – Violight Zapi Giveaway


I hate germs, I have issues with kids putting toys in their mouths and then my kids touching them or kids having their fingers/hands in their mouth then touching the toys my kids play with, in the same sense I hate when my kids do that and am very careful to pay attention to what […]

Mothers Day – Jawbone Icon Bluetooth Headset Giveaway


As most of you know I have tried a few different Bluetooth handsfree devices and i’ve liked most of them but I absolutley LOVE the Jawbone Icon. With 6 different styles and colours to choose from I can have one to match whatever I’m wearing or doing at the time. This Line up of fabulous […]

Mothers Day – Ceiva Digital Photo Frame Giveaway


I have had digital picture frames for a while now, Lee bought me one last year for christmas and I am ashamed to say that it has the same pictures on it as when I received it and absolutely none of Holden.  It just seems like too much effort for me to get the memory […]

Mothers Day – Body Shop Giveaway


I have a deep love for The Body Shop and a super sadness since the only one close to me is four hours away.  We used to have one in my local mall but it left and it left me feeling sad with chapped hands and none of my favorite perfumes.  Then I got the […]

Mothers Day – Swimsuits for All Giveaway