Baby Clothing Network


Have you ever heard of Baby Clothing Network (BCN)?  No?  Well me neither but after doing some exploring I want to know where they have been all my life.  I have four kids and a ton of very good condition, unused clothes and I could be selling them on Baby Clothing Network and buying new […]

Fotobounce – Picture organization at its best


Lee and I love to go out and take pictures.  sometimes it is the kids, sometimes family, friends and even just nature.  The problem is that we end up shooting sometimes hundreds of pictures and then what am I supposed to do with them.  Fotobounce gets that sometimes with busy schedules organizing photos does not […]

Our one year anniversary

I just realized that I did not ever put up a post on our anniversary.  On June 7th of this year my fabulous husband and I celebrated 8 years of marriage.  wow 2 more years and I have been married to him for a decade that is crazy.  I still love him as much if […]

Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2


We took the kids to see the first one in the theater, my dad and step mom took them to see this one and so I did not get to see it in theaters.  I was bummed out but knew I would just see it when it came out, well guess what it comes out […] Review – $25 Gift Certificate Giveaway


Are you looking for unique, high-quality toys for the kids on your holiday list this year? Look no further than  We love wooden toys here in our house not only for their safety but also for their quality and durability.  I know that when I buy wooden it will last through all my kids […]