Step2 Neighborhood Fun Center Review

Step2 Meighborhood fun center assembly

My backyard is little kid heaven.  We have so many things out there for kids including a trampoline, a pool, a swing set, a Step2 Extreme Coaster, sand boxes and so much more.  Lee is frustrated by all the toys because he is the one who mows the lawn but I am over it and […]

Step2 Deals you don’t want to miss out on!!

As you may know I am a Step2 Mom and as such I am lucky enough to get to share some great sales with you all.  Step2 just shared some information with me I thought you all absolutely needed to hear about. All of our new Spring 2012 toys available on are 10% off […]

Step2 – Extreme Coaster Review & Pin Pals Bowling Set Giveaway


I love Step2 and have worked with them multiple times before on my blog and hope to work with them many more times.  The toys are timeless, stand up very well to my kids and are so very much fun that when buying toys I always look to Step2 first to see if they have […]