Tail Towns Friends – Top 3 reasons I enjoy Playing and Figurine Giveaway

When I am sitting and feeding the baby I need to find something to do other then watching cartoons because that makes my brain melt into a puddle of goo haha.  So instead while I am sitting here nursing Kinley I will play Tail Towns Friends on Facebook.  I like to play it because it gives me something to do to pass the time that is fun and makes my brain work and have to remember some things like jobs given, where things are and how to do things in the game.  It helps me to relieve some stress and just relax and be in my own world for just a little bit where people under 3 feet tall are not demanding my attention for one thing or another.  I really enjoy to play Tail Towns Friends on Facebook and best of all it costs me nothing to play so I can play as little or as much as I want and not feel like I am losing out on my hard earned money.  Best of all though is that my mother and I are competitive in all our Facebook games and this one is no exception, friendly competition is good for the soul we always say.

When picking a game to play there are a few things that it must have.  I must not have to pay anything to play it – check.  I must not have to download anything if I don’t want to – check.  I must not get bored in a week like I did with Farmville, OK that one is a new one but still a requirement I was so bored of Farmville I deleted the app, there was no point to it or story line like they have in Tail Towns Friends – Check.  The graphics have to be pretty and eye catching not pixelated and hard on the eyes to look at – check.  So after making sure that it met all my requirements I gave Tail Towns Friends a shot on Facebook and I am impressed and addicted.  I play it when I have free time to do so, as a matter of fact this post took me three hours to write because I kept going back to it for “research” purposes.

One thing I have never seen from any other Facebook game is the ability to buy figurines or collectibles for it to have in real possession.  With Tail Towns Friends you can buy Tail Towns Figurines and one of my lucky readers is also going to get the chance to win one.

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