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We are a musical family and as such we do have to pay for some music lessons to get the kids skills honed in and find out what they love and will excel in etc.  My own father plays guitar, drums, trumpet, piano and I am sure more instruments that I have forgotten to mention.  As such we pretty much stood no chance of my kids not playing something.  The older two boys are both guitar freaks although Chase is now moving towards bass himself.  Blake got a drum set for his 8th birthday and has been pounding on those for a few years now and seems to enjoy it but is showing more interest in the guitar.  I guess we will see where they end up, in the meantime it does mean we are spending money on lessons for them to learn.  A coupon is just what is needed to help ease the expense and for a limited time only you can use the promo code SPRINGMUSIC on TakeLessons.com for 20% off!

About Us
TakeLessons makes it possible for students and families  to have the opportunity to learn with private music teachers, arts instructors and academic tutors throughout the US. With 6 years in the business and almost 30,000 students nationwide taught I would for sure put my trust into them.  Each instructor has to pass background checks annually, interviews, training so safety is clearly a key priority with TakeLessons.com.  They help you with the scheduling, initial coordination with the instructor, and billing – so all you have to worry about is enjoying your lessons! Your online student account also helps you stay organized with scheduling and billing tools.

The best possible part is that they provide In Home and In Studio lessons, as well as Online Lessons, which for us would be the best option since all we would need is a computer with a webcam, a Skype account, and a good Internet connection.  There is over 30 lesson types available, including guitar, singing, piano, drums, violin, dance, acting, and academic tutoring.  Lesson prices do vary depending on location and length.

Use promo code “SPRINGMUSIC”.  You can book online, or call at 855-334-1831 to talk through options and pricing with a Student Counselor!

This post has been brought to you by our friends at TakeLessons.com.  It is a paid post, no further compensation will be received.


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