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I love tea, especially flavored teas.  So when Jessi asked me if I wanted to review tea for her, I thought “Sure why not?  It will add to my shrinking tea stash.”  Then she sent me the link for Teamotions Tea and after looking around, I thought it was an even better idea.  The hardest part was picking which one I would try.  Eventually I settled on Discover Joy, but was lucky enough to receive some samples of other teas as well.

Before I tried the tea, I made sure it was okay with my doctor.  I’m on a prescription medication and I wanted to make sure there were no contraindications to having tea with herbs in it at the same time as the medication.  There is also a warning on the can of tea suggesting the same thing.  Fortunately, I am safe and able to enjoy my tea.

Teamotions Teas are handcrafted teas blended with adaptogens- herbs that help the body handle stress, boost immunity and support emotional well-being- transforming a simple cup of tea into a truly healing experience.  On top of that, they taste good as well.

Discover Joy tea has oatstraw that nourishes and rejuvenates the nerves to alleviate feelings of anxiety and stress as well as emotional disturbances such as grief, fear, and exhaustion, ashwagandha that promotes calmness and mental satisfaction, acts as an anti-depressant, and decreases fatigue and lemongrass that opens and supports the lungs, which are affected most by sadness and grief.  Overall, Discover Joy is an uplifting and positive experience.  I will definitely be buying more types of teas soon.

Want to try out some Teamotions Tea for yourself?  Head on over and use discount code JABBER10 for 10% off your order!!

Thank you to Teamotions for this great product to review.

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  1. won says:

    This post spoke to me. I feel like you could have wrote it just for me as I clinically meet all the things you mentioned to a point of being disabled.

    I’m going to look in a minute. I hope it’s not expensive…

  2. courtney says:

    i love tea especially now that I’m pregnant.. think i’m gonna try this one out:)

  3. Victoria says:

    Thanks for the discount code! I’m definitely going to try the tea out (:

  4. Yona says:

    I love tea. I would love to try the Lemon Vanilla Green Tea – that flavor sounds really interesting.

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