That time of year again

The time of year when I have to start shopping for clothes that I hate because nothing fits my body style and makes me look good.  I take a bunch of time and look all around the Internet to find some tops that I really like, pants I can usually find locally but shirts are few and far between.  During one of my many stumbling, bookmarking and ordering days I came across tunics and loved them.  Then I was shown this site that I really thought I should share with you.

The store is Fashion Undercover and the clothes are fabulous.  They carry all sorts of bohemian clothing which are all the rave lately on most of the stores I have seen, but they carry a wider range and cuter then I have seen in other stores.  The Raveen Long Cotton Tunic Dress is one of my favorites from them, I think it is cute and would look great with a pair of jeans or with white pants which is pictured.  They carry all sorts of tunic, Kurtis and caftans I got carried away searching around and bet I could spend my entire budget on clothes from the site.  I also have to point out these gorgeous bohemian dresses that they carry.  They look so comfortable and elegant all at once.  They carry so much I really must encourage you to go and look around.  I have to say I am also in love with the long light cotton trench and the pants and skirts all peaked my interest because they are so cute.  Ok I could talk forever but then you would be here reading my post instead of at Fashion Undercover exploring.  So go, explore I will be here when you get back and you can tell me all about the gorgeous stuff you seen and ordered.

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