The Best Building Sets For Kids and Kidults

It’s a well-known fact that some kids never grow up. Although there will be, at some point, a time and a place to put away childish things, the urge to explore, experiment, and create will follow your kids right into the teenage years and onwards. For the most creative kids, up to 12 years old, Lego and Meccano are wonderful ways to inspire new levels of joy through construction.

Building Sets for Kids
A growing brain need stimulation, and that’s where building sets like Meccano and Lego come in. While Lego is excellent for inspiring basic construction and fine motor skills, Meccano, with all its motorised parts, metal strips, nuts and bolts, helps the kids learn the basic principles of engineering. One can’t be a substitute for the other: Lego and Meccano are both great in their own way.

Kidults Only
An excellent set for kids of all ages is the DC Universe series, Lego Super Heroes. With the Dark Knight Rises still in the minds of your little ones, the Batman 2 set is very likely to be the most popular edition this Christmas: creating a limitless and charmingly boxy Lego version of Gotham City is now as easy as pie. Experimenting, imagining and creating are what toys for older kids are all about. Lego and Meccano, both in the basic and Super Heroes versions, push all of the right buttons.


  1. Bekah Kuczenski says:

    Kidults lil I love it! I love building with my lil one, so I guess I can place myself in the kidult category!

  2. Lisa Ellis says:

    i love Legos! My son is 4 so he’s just getting into them – not quite into the crazy sets yet – just the basic ones…

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