The dreaded flu

The dreaded flu has come to our house.  Maddisyn got it on valentines day night and was up all night throwing up, meaning I was up all night playing nurse to my precious little girl who was sick with the flu for the first time ever that she would remember.  She got sick at a very inconvinent “parent” time but as a mommy my main concern was her.  Lee was going to take me to the movies the next day but because I was up all night nursing my sick baby and then through the day I skipped it and stayed home with her and he took the older boys with him.

We had the flu once before and had to cancel all our plans, we got sick on Christmas Eve and it spilled over into Christmas day, all three of the kids (holden was not born then) and Lee got sick with the flu, we ended up skipping christmas dinner and gifts with our family and staying home and then cooking turkey and stuff when we felt better.  Other then that we have gotten fairly lucky and other then stopping a shopping trip here and there we have not had the flu so Mommy Nurse Mommy has not been unfortunate enough to have to miss things. 

I attribute us not getting sick to a few things, I use clorox wipes on all our doorknobs and stuff at least twice a week, not enough to make us a sterile house but enough to make us germish free.  I also believed when my children were babies that exposing them to the germs and not sheltering them helped them to build up an immune system better then a child who was sheltered from the public/germs in infancy.  I think we as a society treat babies like they are more fragile then they really are and as such when we steralize there stuff constantly we are not doing them good but rather harm.

Speaking of being prepared (and healthy), Similasan a homeopathic company that makes products to ease symptoms of everything from pink eye (OY! who didn’t miss a date due to summer pink eye?) and ear aches to anxiety (flow us some of THAT please), is on the JuiceBox this month. They are offering a hefty and immediately printable coupon for all those that register on their site and we challenge any mom to claim they couldn’t use at least one of their healthy products. 

Similasan and shutterfly have teamed up to host a great contest.   What do they want? Photos of bright eyed, bushy tailed smiling children that “take your breath away” (in a good way – please no images of your toddler kicking Dad in the crotch). 


 Similasan and JuiceBoxJungle sponsored me to write this post, and they asked me to talk about the things I’ve missed because of kid-illnesses, and to mention this sweet contest!

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