The flu

Oh why oh why does the flu hate me so.  My kids have the darn flu, Blake got it Tuesday night and is just now feeling better, Chase got it Wednesday morning and is still feeling like hell.  I hope that he gets better soon poor kid I feel so bad for him.

We moved to this new school in May and this is weird for us because prior to this new school my kids had not really had the flu but here this is our third time with it.  I think it is because our old school you were not allowed to be at school until you were not sick for a full 24 hours where as here you can go back immediately but sometimes you are still carrying or not feeling well and then you end up sick again and others around you end up sick, I firmly believe this is why Chase and Blake both got sick and hope that perhaps the rules will be reconsidered at our school.  I absolutely love the school the kids attend though so really one bad thing out of a million good isn’t all that bad right.

I know there was really no point to this but I really felt like I needed to post it and feel better about it ya know.


  1. debp says:

    If they get too bad, please take them in to the doctors and get some tamiflu. H1N1 is not always mild, it can become very serious quite quickly. I would reccommend that you get some elderberry and give to them. It is the active ingredient in tamiflu, and does help lesson the symptoms.

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