The Foundary

I was lucky enough to work with Hayneedle in the past on a review and giveaway of the covered sandbox.  The rep from Hayneedle I worked with was awesome enough to come back to me and let me know about this deals website they have.

I know that deal websites are popping up a lot lately but I think if you check this one out then you will be quite pleased with what you find.

The name of the site is the The at the time of this writing they have some very cool cooking pans I am in love with the 9″ pink pie baking dish.

I think that you should totally check out The Foundary and see if they have anything in there that strikes your fancy, remember they post deals and at the bottom of the page you can even see what deals they have coming up in the next three days which is very cool.

Want to know what I think i love the most about this is the fact that they take paypal.  I do not have a credit card so cannot order from other deal sites because of this.  So thanks to The Foundary for thinking of people like me.


  1. Thanks for sharing!! What a great site!

  2. 9/22/2016 at 19:23:53 Greetings from danglekatangul

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