The Great Coupon Hunt

I love to find some great coupons for us as a family.  I use coupons for groceries, travel, baby items, eyeglasses/contacts pretty much everything possible.  As a family of 6 saving money is very necessary in our everyday life, especially now that I am not working right now since my company just closed down and I was laid off/dissolved/let go or whatever you want to call it.

In the last three days I have found fabulous coupons for diapers, wipes, groceries and ear plugs (lots of ear plugs haha).  While on my coupon hunt though I did find some great tiger direct coupon codes and while I am not actually in the market for anything from Tiger Direct they did have a really great camcorder on sale that has me intrigued and I will probably look into further.  After finding that coupon I decided to further search fab coupons and found some other really great ones that I will be passing onto friends/family as they are always asking me to pass on deals I find for one thing or another.  I actually just passed the one today to my aunt for an iolo technologies coupon because while it is not something i need she definitely did.

We are planning a trip with the kids this summer and so I will be looking for deals on rental cars, planes, trains, hotel rooms pretty much anything I can find to save a little bit of money on the travel expenses to have more for play.  Since we have not officially decided on anywhere in particular to visit my options are open, perhaps we will do a cruise.  I am sure that I could use an orbitz promotion code to get a great deal on that.  I would love to visit Vegas with just Lee but then do you think I can get a coupon for a babysitter haha.  I totally need a nanny.

Anyways the purpose of this was to tell you how much I love coupons and to ask you to tell me your favorite coupon website.

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