The sweetest sound

Don’t mind the pink background lol, this is our 7 month old son Holden, he was laying in his sisters crib waiting to go to his own bed and Lee started playing with him.



  1. Winter Witch says:

    Omgosh is that cute LOL!

  2. mail4rosey says:

    That's hilarious. 🙂

  3. CapsCrazy says:

    Like I said on facebook (I think), that is the greatest laugh, I couldn't help but smile and I loved this video so much I showed my hubby.

  4. amyndavid says:

    Very cute!! I can't wait until my little girl can laugh! She is only 4 weeks old so it will be a little while.

  5. Jenn Randomly says:

    OMG!!!! This brought back memories of my baby…who is turning ELEVEN on Sat!!! I used to dump stuffed animals on him all the time at that age, he just loved it….I miss those baby belly laughs! Your son is adorable!

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