Try and Buy Freeze Dried Gourmet

Have you ever heard of Freeze Dried Gourmet?  If not you are not alone I had not heard of them before now either.  But not that I have started reading about it I certainly am interested in learning more.  I have spent quite some time preparing for this post but exploring the Freeze Dried website and have learned a few very positive things about Freeze Dried storage solutions.

If you use the #10 freeze dried cans they will fit uniformly in a box and can be stored in places such as under the stairs, in the back of the pantry, under beds or anywhere that you have a bit of space to put them.  Freeze dried foods have been a favorite of campers, hunters and hikers for a long time and I know I have heard of freeze dried foods before and how much people who spend a lot of time in the outdoors prefers them because they are much lighter to pack, according to teh Freeze Dried Gourmet site you can carry a weeks worth of food without even realizing your carrying that much weight.  My family is full of hunters, this would be music to their ears backs.

Still unsure of freeze dried foods then I suggest you register for a smart food storage try and buy in your town or a town near you.  At the Try and Buy you will get to taste the food, learn about freeze-dried and why it is a smart way to store food, get discounts, a bonus pack and even win prizes.

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