Trying to learn to play poker…not for the sleep deprived brains

I am all about online gaming lately.  Like I said in my last post about Bingo being my new hobby I need to have something to do while the baby is eating or sometimes even sleeping on me.  I used to play on sites like Pogo and stuff but I found the high drama in the chat rooms too much to enjoy the games so I stopped playing there.

Lately Bingo has def been my thing but I am also trying to branch out my skills.  I recently was told about a website iGame and they have poker and bingo on there for a small entry fee you can play a game.  I have zero poker skills so I am not ready in the least for a game from there because I might as well just give them my money and my seat haha.  But I have been trying to learn how to play poker so that I am worthy enough to play iGame poker with the big dawgs.

So far I have learned how to deal the cards and am in the process of learning the winning hands and how to best get them.  I am in the process of learning how to bet, when to bet, what to bet and what hole cards, flops, big blinds and much more are.  Sleep deprived brains should not be trying to learn how to play poker because I will tell you it is a lot to take in and to remember and I am just not sure how I am going to do it all but I will learn, I will play on sites like iGame and I will eventually not lose all my money playing.

If your good at poker do you have any tips for me that I could use because I will take all the help I can get.