Two giveaway changes

So I am still working on perfecting my giveaways and making them work well for me and my family.  I have two small changes to make to them though.

1.  Your email MUST be visible in either your entry post or your profile.  If i click on your name and it brings me somewhere other then your profile and your email is not in your entry post I will redraw for the winner, it is very time consuming to try to search out an email address and sometimes I am not able to find one so I will no longer hunt them.

2.  Except for the ones that are already up, Posh Puppy Boutique, Shining Stars Boutique and HALO Sleepsack, I will be from now forward closing my giveaways at 12:00 PM est.  I am not always up until midnight and then I feel I am a day late and too slow and I know how much it sucks to wait an extra day for something to be drawn so now if I close them at 12 noon I know I will get them drawn on the same day they close.

Thank you all who are continuing to come back and read my blog and enter my giveaways it truly warms my heart to see the family that is built in the blogging community and I hope you all continue to come back and help me make my blog reviews and giveaways a smashing success, I love hosting these for you all and I am hoping to line some more really great ones up for the near future for you so keep coming back because as long as I have readers I will have giveaways.

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