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Looking for unique gifts for your friends or family? Well l am always looking for fun interesting gifts for my friends and family and now have the perfect place to shop for such items.  Uncommon Goods offers so many awesome, unique items that I promise you will spend hours browsing the site and find something for everyone while your doing so.

I got the chance to browse Uncommon Goods and pick items for review and let me tell you that was no easy feat for me to pick out because there was just so many items I wanted.  I finally chose the cupcake corer & decorating set and the creative cupcake kit.  Once they arrived I could hardly wait to use them but since we were in a heat wave I had to wait until I was able to use my oven.  Finally the time came and I made some cupcakes for a camping trip we went on.  I used the papers from the creative cupcake kit to give the cupcakes a fun look on the outside and baked up some chocolate cupcakes.  Once they were done and cooled I used the cupcake corer to remove the centers from them and then used the squeeze bottles to fill the cupcakes with a peanut butter ganache filling for some and a white filling for the others.  I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to actually core and fill the cupcakes using this method and the kids went crazy for the cupcakes once I was done.

The cupcake corer from Uncommon Goods was easy to use I simply pushed it down into the middle of the cupcake gave a little twist and gently pulled out.  By depressing the plunger on it I was able to pop out the piece of cake that was removed and then save the top to put back on after I filled the cupcake.  The squeeze bottles were great because they gave me stability when filling and I have actually used them a few times since to decorate cakes, I much prefer them to the icing bags I have used in the past.  The squeeze bottles came with a floral tip perfect for filling the cupcakes and a writing tip which was great for smaller icing details and well writing.

The creative cupcake kit has come in handy for the papers a few times.  I have used them for the kids cupcakes but recently Lee’s cousin got married and I used the papers to make mini cheesecakes in pretty colored papers everyone loved the papers and kept asking where I got them.  The creative cupcake kit came with a book with 14 recipes in it which are all delicious and I cannot decide which one to try first but rest assured they will all be tried at some point or another.  I mentioned it came with papers but what I didn’t tell you was that it came with 250 papers in an assortment of colors in two different sizes.  This came with a pastry bag which has yet to be used but will be soon I am sure because it also came with an assortment of tips not all the same as the ones that came with the squeeze bottles I mentioned earlier.

So if you are looking for cool gifts for your family or friends look no further, head on over to Uncommon Goods I am sure that you will not be disappointed.

Thank you to Uncommon Goods for this great product to review.

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  1. I like unique things like this, cool stuff.

  2. Janet W. says:

    I really need that thing to poke a hole in the cupcake! I dug out the holes myself when I made banana pudding cupcakes and it was such a pain!

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