Valentines Day

What did you all do yesterday for Valentines day?  Did you go to a restaurant with your loved one to celebrate?  Get engaged? Get married?  Have a baby like I did 11 years ago?  Watch the race that seemed to never end?

I would love to go to a restaurant to celebrate but that will have to wait until my son is older and it is not as cool to celebrate  his birthday with his parents as it is to get drunk in a bar somewhere with your buddies (it will come I am sure of it, not sure of the drunk part but the too cool to be with his parents part).  There is a great italian restaurant here in town called Arturos I have never been to yet but would love to because I love the food the chef cooks.  Confused on how I love the food but never been to the restaurant?  The owner/chef used to be our next door neighbour and he and my dad are pretty good friends because of it and he used to bring us stuff all the time before he opened the restaurant.

My dad is a computer guy so he helped out with some of the setup of the new restaurant.  Helped with menus and placemats and any computer issues that may arise he is there to help.  I could not imagine the stress of opening a new restaurant from the menu to the decor to the food suppliers to kitchen supplies and commercial kitchen parts.  How do you know you are making the right decisions on what spatulas, pots and pans, mixers, ovens, fridges, deep fryers and frymaster parts you are buying.  If I win the lottery I would for sure love to open my own restaurant and even have a leg up because I have two amazing cooks in my family, my step brother and my uncle, and I know they would be a great asset.  It is the rest that intimidates me and makes me think oh I dunno about that lol.

Anyways I strayed so yes please tell me what you did to celebrate yesterday, if you didn’t thats ok tell me that too.  Did you get any gifts?  If so please share what those are.  My hubby did not even wish me a happy valentines day so my day was pretty crappy so cheer my up with your stories.

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