My mom is a smoker, my step dad is a smoker, my brothers both smoke, my aunts smoke, my grandmother smokes and 3/4 of my friends smoke.  Lee just quit last May and I quit when I found out I was pregnant with Holden.  Most of the people I have named above at a time or another have said they wanted to quit smoking but couldn’t seem to get that push to do it.  VapeNow is helping to offer alternatives to smoking cessation.

One of the biggest health factors when it comes to smoking is that the smoke contains harmful tar.  If you get a vaporizer from VapeNow it removes the smoke and tar and leaves only transparent vapors.  There are many kinds of vaporizers like the iolite vaporizer which can be bought in a portable handheld one that comes in multiple colors and does the same job as a full size one.  The zephyr vaporizer was created by an artist and is the most favored by aromatherpaists and vapor enthusiests.  Instead of burning tobacco or herbs and inhaling the toxic fumes, vaporizing heats the material in a controlled manner. Only the active compounds in the plant become vapor. Harmful effects of smoking are practically eliminated.

Although I have not tried these myself I do know of people who use them for aromatherapy and they absolutely love them.  Perhaps something to look into for the future?  Hmmm I say 🙂

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