Venetian Masks

As a kid I had a large collection of Venetian Masks.  It was a passion of mine for years and years which carried over into my teenage years and early adulthood.  Then my husband and I got together, made a home together and I quickly realized with a heavy heart there was not much room in our new home and my new life for my passion of collecting masks.  When we had Chase and he broke one of my masks it was time to take them down and pack them away for a gentler time in my life, after my kids were all grown and gone.

I am still young so my masks are still all packed away but I do like to browse around and look at different Venetian Masquerade Masks.  I fell in total love with this mask pictured below, who wouldn’t look at the gorgeous detail and the color in the mask.

On top of that Masquerade mask pictured above check out these gorgeous full face feather masks.  I seriously sat there for over an hour just drooling over all the masks on the site, I think that I need to make a room all of my own to bring out my collection and start to get some new ones, I miss my masks and after seeing all these beautiful ones I miss them even more.

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