Volt Heated Boots from Jambu

I live in the north we get snow and it is freezing cold here.  Having two young kids and two busy boys I find myself outside more times then I am inside.  While this is not a big deal and I love being out there with them I hate getting freezing cold feet because it leaves the rest of me frozen solid.

I often joked about using foot warmers every time I left the house just to keep the rest of me warm.  I wished over and over again for heated boots.  Then Jambu heard my cry I think and made the Volt-Heated Boot which is a dream come true in three fabulous colors.

At first I was a little nervous about ordering any boot online as we all know that buying shoes the sizes change from style to style and brand to brand.  I am normally a size 9 but the 9 didn’t fit me and I had to get the size 10 instead.  I was so happy to have warm feet and so sad when my legs swelled due to pregnancy making it hard to wear the boots because they are quite thing in the calf area and not really for people with bigger legs.

When the boots first arrived from Jambu the first thing I did was read the directions on how they worked.  Remove the boots from the box, plug the charger into the wall and plug it into each of the boots, there is a spot in the back at the top of each boot to charge it.  Once fully charged you put on your boots, press the button to turn them on and feel the glorious heat that keeps your feet warm and the rest of you happy.  One of my favorite parts of the Volt Boot is that it the button on the side of the boots as well as a strip down the back of the boot lights up when it is on, the kids loved it so that if we were out and they lost sight of me they could easily find me by looking for the glowing boots.

The Volt-Heated Boot is available in the colors blizzard grey, brownie melt and black ice.  I received the black ice ones and I love the way they look although I almost ordered the brownie melt ones too because I love the look of those ones too.

I love my heated boots and have raved about them to friend and family, my mother in law even tries them on when she comes over and I think if the kids were to be dragging her outside instead of my she would borrow my boots which is fine I think sharing is a good thing.

Thank you to Jambu for this great product to review.

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