Warm weather is here again ~ Time for camp

I will attempt to keep up my daily posting regimen but the next three weeks are super busy with my family.  We have talent shows, family in from out of town, kindergarten visits and my favorite time of course CAMP!!!

We do not own our own camp but are fortunate enough that Lee’s aunt and uncle do have a camp right on the lake only about 45 minutes away and a few times a year we take advantage of that and as a family we visit the camp.  As a family I mean Lee’s aunt and uncle, mother, grandmother, myself and our kids, my sister and on occasion we also add to the mix his cousin her fiance and her two children, his other aunt and uncle and their older daughter when she is in town and her boyfriend.  So camp can mean anywhere from 11-20 people kicking around the camp relaxing and having fun.

When I tell people that they look at me in disbelief as if I am crazy for going to a camp with all those people but I have a TON of fun while there.  We have no internet, no cell phone access just nature, family and food.  While there we play games outdoors like booche ball, bean bag toss, washer toss and volleyball.  We hang out and chat and catch up, the kids love it because we are right on the water so they splash around at shore and of course we play on the water swimming, kayaking, boating, paddle boating, and fishing.  With three boys and a husband I spend more then my fair time fishing, I have even learned to fish myself with an open faced fishing rod/reel I am pretty proud of how i am working that out haha.

We cook over the camp fire or BBQ and spend very little time indoors.  I do get the chance to work still while I am there as I do intend on taking my laptop and my iPad but I have no desire to be connected to the internet while there it is my time to unwind and just be.

So in the meantime with our grueling family schedule I am finding it harder to keep up on this blog but I promise to post to you as much as humanly possible with the schedule I am foreseeing.


  1. won says:

    I love camp, too.

    But not as much as my late daughter. She was the top camp-a-holic!!

    Enjoy your time away.

  2. Terra Heck says:

    Camping is always so much fun. We go to the local campground every weekend for seven months out of the year. It’s our home away from home. I can understand your enthusiasm.

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