Watches for Fathers Day – Perfect Gift Idea

I know your all looking at me like I have two heads right now, why in the world am I talking about Fathers Day already when it is not even Mothers Day.  For me I am talking about it already because I know I need to get my butt in gear and order/buy Lee that perfect gift because Fathers Day I could be 38 weeks pregnant or have a newborn and in my sleep deprived state I am sure I would forget a gift.

I am pretty sure this year Lee will be getting a really nice mens watch for Fathers Day.  Our house is like the black hole for watch batteries in that if it is in the house for more then 3 days and the actual watch costs more then $5 the battery dies on it instantly haha.  So we have all these watches with dead batteries.  I know I could just replace the battery but I like the idea of buying him a whole new watch and Shop NBC is the perfect place to do so, they have so many different men’s watches . my biggest problem is going to be choosing one that I like.  The fact that I can also shop online most certainly has it’s appeal then I don’t have to waddle to a store to try to find one in my hugely pregnant state.

While checking out the watches on there I did find one I love, Lee if your reading this now is a good time to STOP!!!

OK now that I know he has stopped reading and is probably laughing at me somewhere (although I would totally rock a Mickey Mouse watch, just sayin’) this is the one I really like for him.  It would be perfect to wear to work where he is in dress pants, dress shirt and tie or to dress down into a more casual outfit.

So what are you getting your husbands for Fathers day?  Will you buy a gift, get the kids to make one or do you forego gifts?


  1. Elena says:

    I am going to give my husband a new smartphone.

  2. My husband is getting a watch for father’s day . I’m tired of him asking me what time is it? lol I going to get him something rugged for work and then a fashion one for going out

  3. A.Smith says:

    I haven’t thought about it yet but I think the Mickey watch would be a great father’s day gift for the right dad…,.like my daughter’s 🙂

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