What I wish I had known before becoming a mother #comfortsforbaby


There are a few things that I wish I had known about before becoming a mother for the first time and now that I am a five time mommy I can definitely see things I wish I had done differently.  First and foremost I wish I had known how much easier it was to use cloth diapers then I had assumed.  I did not cloth my first two because everyone told me how hard it was because you had to use these flat diapers and pins with plastic pants.  Turns out that is not the case at all and I have fun prints and all of my diapers do up with snaps or velcro.  

I wish I would have had more knowledge about teething necklaces, where to buy them and just how effective they could be on a child in the middle of teething who is not doing so well with it.  I do not like to use medications on the kids unnecessarily but Kinley was clearly suffering through teething so I got a baltic amber bracelet for her ankle and she wears it all the time and it certainly does make a huge difference.

When I had Chase he was perfectly healthy and it seemed like a breeze, I guess I was oblivious to the fact that kids can and do get extremely sick.  Then when Blake was about two months old we almost lost him to a heart condition and that is when my first hand knowledge of raising a sick baby and just how trying on your relationship and your mental and emotional state can be. 

I love all my kids and daily I remind them of this, I can never tell them enough how much I love them and would do anythign for them. I take the time to be silly, stern, serious or angry if necessary.  I am their best friend and their worst enemy rolled into one and I expect nothing but honesty and truth from each one of them.  I believe that over the years as we have added more kids to our lives I have realized just how important it is that we are all honest with each other, I do try to shield them from the ugly but if they ask I do tell them about it too.  I am growing people after all and I want them to grow into good honest hard working people.

As an experienced and savvy mom, I’ve learned to juggle multiple things at once, and do it well!

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