What was I thinking

I let 10 screaming kids into my house today for my sons birthday party.  Now Blakes birthday is not until next sunday the 20th, but it is so close to christmas we always have his party a few weeks ahead.  We did an at home party this year since christmas was so expensive for us and I ask again WHAT WAS I THINKING.  They were fairly well behaved I will give them that, we had a couple minor injuries all easily solved but man were they loud.

We decorated gingerbread men cookies, watched a movie and had popcorn.  Then they ate pizza and then cake and Blake opened his gifts.  The only time it was quiet was when they were eating, i wanted to keep feeding them it was sweet silence.

Blake had told me he wanted a camoflauge cake for his birthday but then he wanted to decorate gingerbread men so we went with a gingerbread man/winterish theme.  The loot bags were christmas mugs with a few candies in them and then a hot chocolate cone topped with white and normal choclate and marshmallows.  I wanted to do a gingerbread man cake but we try to stick with the kids requests so we did both.  We were up til 3 am decorating this cake and then up again at 8 to get ready for his party, I am exhausted now.

We even did a camo on the inside of the cake with a similar method I used for Maddisyns cake
I will add pics of the loot bags once Jen sends them to me i forgot to take my own but her little girl Vi was here so she is going to take a pic for me.


  1. Sarah says:

    Cute cake! My son is due Christmas Day and I have a c-section scheduled for 12/21. I've been worried about keeping his Birthday separate from Christmas but it looks like you haven't had an issue with that! It's a good idea to do it a few weeks early too.-Sarah

  2. Chari says:

    Great job! My nieces birthday is the 23rd so they do her birthday early as well.

  3. Jessica says:

    What a cute cake! Also, what great ideas for celebrating a birthday near Christmas.

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