Where did my baby boys go?

As a mom there are always going to be those milestones that kill me to come up to but I know that they need to happen and the only thing i can hope is that i raised my children right and that they have the tools to deal with every situation that may arise. 

This weekend happens to be one of those times.  Chase and Blake have found the Boy Scouts love and are both in Cubs.  Well they just started at beginning of September so we are still adjusting to the schedule and the activities but look forward to more from the saga of Cubs as the year progresses.  Anyways back to the milestone.  The boys went camping with their Cubs group this weekend, they are not far away maybe 20 minutes, we can go out and visit tomorrow in the day if we so choose but we won’t because we want them to have some independance or at least that is what Lee tells me. 

It is freezing cold here, it is raining, it is windy and not supposed to be nice the entire weekend, but they went anyways.  With their new sleeping bags, which are good up to 0c, thanks Dad & June and their new pocket knives to do some whittling while camping, thanks Mom & Chuck and of course the whole ability to go to cubs including enrollment, shirts, books, and sashes goes to my wonderful MIL & FIL, thanks Lois & Bill.

Thanks to fundraising efforts last year the Cubs have a large tent to sleep in that they will all stay in together rather then sleeping in seperate tents so they should be warmer.  They have their hot seats, a leather pouch we sewed and filled with packing peanuts then used a shoelace to 1. close it and 2. give them the ability to tie it around their waist so when they sit down their butts stay warm and dry.  We sent off a healthy snack and so did the other parents and they will have a yummy snack tonight, and then tomorrow for lunch they got to bring a tinfoil lunch, my boys choose to bring steak, potatos and onions yummy for them, yuck for the meat hater in me. 

Right now with the rain pouring down outside part of the mom in me is screaming go get your boys, get them home into hot showers and into their nice warm beds.  The other part of mom in me though is sayign those boys were so excited when they left, they knew what they were getting into and did not have to go if they chose not to and will be fine.  So I came here to pour out my feelings about the weekend and although i am happy they are ging to have fun and Lee and I will maybe get some normal parent time when the babies are sleeping, it still hurts me that they are out there and I just hope they sleep well and warm tonight and are smart enough to zip their bags together if it gets too cold because I forgot to tell them to.

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