Wild Creations Review & Giveaway

Looking for the perfect pet?  One that only needs occasional feeding and very minimal maintenance? WildCreations.com has the perfect pet for you, you can keep them at home or the office, Yes the office! WildCreations sent me one of these perfect pet set ups and it truly is the easiest, lowest maintenance pet we have ever had.

The pet in question is 2 African Dwarf frogs in the Classic EcoAquarium. The EcoAquarium comes with a 4″x4″ tank, 2 frogs, lucky bamboo plant, a decorative rock, living Gravel, care guide and your choice of colored Gravel. Everything is separately packaged and all you need to do is let it come to room temp, rinse it off in fresh spring water which is very cheap to buy at the grocery store, then layer the living gravel then the colored gravel, place the bamboo plant in and the decorative rock, fill it up with spring water then add your frogs.

Like I mentioned earlier, I can’t think of any pet that’s easier to care for. Cleaning is a snap, every three months just use a baster to remove 3/4 of the water and any debris then refill it with room temperature spring water. Easy enough? How about feeding, it’s even easier. simply drop 2 pellets per frog into the aquarium twice a week….yes, thats right. TWICE A WEEK! Now if only i could figure out how to get away with only cooking supper twice a week, lol.  At first I was a little concerned with the idea of opening the lid on the tank to feed them but upon closer inspection there is actually a small hole in the top that you just drop the pellets into and voila you just watch your frogs stretch up and eat their twice weekly meal.

How It Works
It’s not magic that keeps your EcoAquarium clean … it’s nature! Our specially conditioned Wild Creations Living Gravel™ acts as a natural biological filter converting excess food and waste to soluble nutrients that are then used by the aquarium plant. The plant in turn acts as a natural aerator providing essential oxygen for its inhabitants. The Living Gravel™ also removes ammonia so that the water does not become dirty and toxic. Together, all of the elements work in harmony to
create a completely filter-free ecosystem habitat!

If you want to change the look of your aquarium at any time you can simply order new gravel, decorative rock separately.  You can also purchase a decorative base for it in either black or wood which gives the tank a nice decorative finish.

I have to say that when this opportunity came about I was very unsure of how we would handle more pets when we travel to camp for weekends and stuff like that but you know what there is no concerns.  We just feed them before we leave and we know they are safe.  Now we are going on a trip for 9 days in January but I will just send them to my mother in laws to feed twice, afterall they don’t bark, shed, poop or pee in the house.  The kids love these guys because if they forget to feed them for a day they won’t starve to death and they are I have to admit pretty cute and all of the boys friends love to see them and want to know if they can hold them (which of course I say no to).

We received the classic EcoAquarium which is priced at $22.99 or you can get the all-in-one classic kit for $29.99.  There is a jewel shaped one which I think is really cute and it is priced at $29.99 or the all-in-one jewel for $39.99 but for a limited time (until July 31) if you order the Jewel starter kit style and enter the code “BLOGGER” you get $10.00 off your purchase, you can add other items to your cart as well but the jewel kit must be there to receive the discount.

Wild Creations is going to give one of my lucky readers their very own classic EcoAquarium starter kit.

Go to Wild Creations and tell me one of their more then 40 new products being introduced later in 2010 which can be viewed in their PDF catalog.

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Thank you to Wild Creations for this awesome giveaway.

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