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We bake cakes for all occasions around our house and so I have spent a ton of money on cake decorating supplies that I feel help me do it easier and quicker.  I have one brand I trust for quality products that I know won’t leave me wanting more or missing out on something and that is Wilton.  You can see some of the past cakes we have made in the past here and here.  When I was given the opportunity to work with Wilton I jumped at the chance.  I  had no idea what to ask for because my wishlist is 10 miles long so I asked for a surprise package and can I just say that they hit the nail on the head with the package I received.  Three of the things included I just said to Lee that I really loved and wanted ASAP and sure enough ASAP was when I received the package the next day.  I am going to go through and touch on each item I received briefly because it will be easier for us all then having me jump all over the place trust me.

Sugar Crystals valued at 4.99.  I did not open the container of sugar crystals that was included in my Wilton package yet, but there is a good reason for that, I already had one in my cupboard that is nearly empty and I needed to replace soon anyways.  Maddisyn loves using these to help me decorate cookies and cakes.  Sometimes I will make cupcakes and give each kid a little dish of icing and then put the sprinkles on the table and let them have fun putting as much icing and sprinkles on it as they want.  These containers are fun for kids and parents a like.  It has four colors in one bottle, easy to shake out, each color has its own compartment and lid.  You can use it to top cakes, cupcakes, ice cream and just about anywhere else you would use sprinkles.  Each compartment holds 1.1 OZs and comes in red, dark blue, yellow and green colors.  It is certified kosher.

Flowerful Medley 6-Mix Sprinkle Assortment valued at 4.99.  Maddisyn used these on her cupcakes we made this past weekend and again she loved it because like the sugar she can do it herself by opening the lid and shaking it on, the compartments each have their own lid and hold different shaped sprinkles so she could be choosy on which ones she used to decorate her cupcake.  This weekend we are going to make a giant cupcake together and once iced we will use the Flowerful Medley sprinkles on it to make it, in Maddisyns words, beautiful and yummy in one.  The flowerful Medley sprinkles comes in 6 different assortments.  There is confetti, colorful leaves, daisies and pastel hearts which are all .39 ozs in size, wildflowers in .35 ozs and butterflies which is .32 ozs and Maddisyns absolute favorite.  These ones too are certified kosher.

Spring Flowers Royal Icing Decorations valued at 5.99 So as I said before we like to decorate cakes, I decided to take the supplies I received from Wilton and make an easter basket weave cake.  It did not turn out as perfect as I would like because the icing started to get too warm and my weave was soft but it still turned out cute.  Once done we added grass to the bottom of the cake with one of my Wilton cake tips and then I added the Spring Flowers royal icing decorations that we received in our package.  The cake turned out super adorable and was a big hit.  The icing flowers are a little hard so they stayed perfectly where placed on the side of our cake but were yummy to eat.   The package comes with 12 flowers in it in four different colors.  Each color has 1 large flower and 2 small ones and would look great not only on the cake but also on cupcakes or even cookies.  These too are certified kosher.

I go through baking cups like crazy and usually only buy the plain white ones but I was sent two packs of the cutest cups ever.  The first pack is mini lilac polka dots baking cups and the second was a set of blue scalloped baking cups.  The mini lilac ones come in a package of 100 for 2.09 and are perfect for bite sized cupcakes, muffins or mini cheesecakes.  The blue scalloped ones are valued at 3.99 for 15 but are cool because you do not put them in a cupcake tin they go on a cookie sheet and you fill halfway with icing.  I have not yet had a chance to use them but will this weekend and will update the post with my full out opinion on them at that point but I did want to share the rest of this stuff with you.

With doing all the icing I noticed that your hand hurts badly when you try to keep the icing bag twisted and closed tight so that it does not explode out the end, but if you don’t then you end up with icing everywhere, not to mention when you set your bag down the icing kind of runs back to the opening end of the bag, it is all quite annoying and I had no idea how to resolve that issue, now I do with the Icing bag ties.  The ties are sold in a package of 12 for 4.49 and are a life and hand saver.  I am able to use my icing, set the bag down, and do any number of things I need to without worrying about icing coming out the wrong end.  They are very simple to use as well, you wrap it around the bag and put the loop through the hook and voila done with no problems at all.

When making my cakes the only complaint I had other then that I need a cake stand that turns to make it easier to decorate, which I still do Lee if you are reading this, was that the bags of icing were laying all over my counter and table and taking up precious space but I was afraid to pile them together for fear the tips would leak a bit and they would cross color or someone wouldn’t pay attention and put something on them.  Wilton has the answer to this dilemma that I faced, with their Decorating Bag Holder cost is 9.99.  You can keep all your bags close at hand, in one spot and organized.  It holds Wiltons featherweight, disposable or parchment bags and has 2 large and 6 small spaces in it so that there is no worries about it not holding your bags.  It also has a bunch of tiny holes that you can put flower and cupcake nails in to hold them upright.  I used this when I was doing Holdens cake for his birthday and it was perfect, even when my icing was getting too soft we put the entire stand into the fridge for them all to cool down.  If you look at this picture as well you can see the Icing Bag Ties in use with my bags.

I showed you earlier my Easter cake I made for our dinner, what I am going to show you now is how I made it and what the inside looked like.  I was lucky enough to get the Checkerboard Cake Set valued at 15.99 from Wilton which consists of three 9 x 2 pans and a dividing ring.  Since this was my first time I am certainly not claiming to be a pro at this but I think I did a good job.  I made the cake according to the directions on the Wilton website and colored it using the 8 Icing Colors Set valued at 9.99 that I received from Wilton.  It comes with 8 different colors in it including Christmas Red, Lemon Yellow, Leaf Green, Sky Blue, Brown, Orange, Pink and Violet all in 1/2 oz jars.  I separated the cake into three bowls and gave each bowl its own color, then I put the ring into the first pan and greased the ring and pan with cooking spray and then poured the cake batter in, each pan has three separate rings so I did the three colors.  You then just pull the divider out, wash it off and move onto the next cake doing different colors in each ring.  Once baked I let cool and decorated as shown earlier.  When we had finished dessert and stuff and cleaned up we cut into the cake and everyone loved the way that it looked on the inside, I was even rather impressed with the way it looked.  The colors were so bright and vibrant as well.  Edited to add:  I was so excited to get all this out to you that I forgot to include the cupcake stand in my postings.

I received the Cupcakes ‘N More 13 Count Small Dessert Stand valued at 13.69 it was perfect for holding our cupcakes this past weekend and I am planning on using it as a center piece this weekend with some tea light candles on it like you see here in the picture.  Individually decorated cupcakes are the perfect way to add a personal touch to celebrations. Now, with Cupcakes ‘N More, you have the perfect way to serve them! The look is fresh and fun, featuring bold silver-finished wire spirals to securely hold each cupcake. The twisting, towering design is perfect for any setting-showers, kids’ birthdays, weddings, holidays, graduation parties and more. Easy to assemble! Just stack each layer of cupcakes onto the locking center rod.  It collapses and can be easily stored back in the box it came in.

I have to send out huge thanks to Wilton for taking the time to work with me on this and for all of the wonderful stuff that I received for this review, I hope that I get to work with Wilton again to bring you even more awesomeness.  Here is a complete picture of the package I received from Wilton.

Wilton is going to give one of my lucky readers the exact same package of cake decorating stuff that I received valued at approx. $75.00.

Go to Wilton look around, come back and tell me something else you would love to have that I have not mentioned here.

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Thank you to Wilton for this awesome giveaway.

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