Wonderful river cruise vacations


  • Ocean cruise ships cannot go on the Danube
  • River cruises are all inclusive vacations
  • River cruises have everything except the crowds
  • You never get seasick on a river cruise!

Cruise ships can take you to many of the incredible places in the world, but they CANNOT take you down on a Danube river cruise!

We’ve been selling cruise vacations for over 25 years and there are lots of wonderful things that one could say about a deep water cruise, but they do have their drawbacks for people who want to really experience an in-depth view of a destination.

In addition, cruise ships carry up to 3600 guests plus crew, river cruise ships carry up to 160 in style and comfort to places cruise ships just cannot go. Sure there are itineraries of cruise ships that get “near” the Danube, but you do that on an overcrowded and sometimes hot bus, making way too many stops in route.

Big cruise ships dock way out of town while river ships dock right in the center of things and nearby restaurants and wonderful cafes. Even better, when you take a Danube river cruise, a Rhine River Cruise, or even an Eastern Europe river cruise everything is included in your price.

Think about the incredible places and architectural gems you would never see along the Danube if you were on a big cruise ship. When you sail from Vienna to Nuremberg you’ll enjoy Melk and the extraordinary Baroque Melk Abbey built in the 12th century, the Italian Baroque town of Passau, take a horse-drawn carriage ride through the Bavarian Forest in route to Theresienthal.

No rush, no crowds, just a few shipmates to explore and relax with along the majestic Danube.

And don’t forget, beautiful river cruises also sail to many of the Orient’s exotic destinations including; the Yangtze River in China, the Mekong river in Vietnam and most of the worlds majestic rivers. Why not consider one for your next vacation. Premier River Cruises has been selling cruise vacations since 1984. They are specialists who can help you plan an extraordinary river cruise vacation.


  1. rick says:

    Boy is this person spot on. We traveled last year with Ama waterways to Europe along the Saone River in France – best trip of our lives.

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