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Are you a working mum looking for a full time or part time job?  I know when I was a work out of the house mum finding a job seemed to be next to impossible.  There was lots of places that you can look for jobs but it feels like your competing with single people who the employer knows have no kids so no commitments and less people to worry about being sick and taking time away from them as the employer.  This does not work well for me a mother of five children, who while they are relatively healthy, do get sick from time to time and need me to take care of them.  Now with you know that the people you are competing with are other mums looking for work.

Navigating the site is very easy you can see the latest jobs, jobs of the week, jobs by location or sector or by type.  Then you can sort them by full time jobs, part time jobs, working at home jobs and franchises.  Once you find a job you are interested in you can apply for it or add it to a shortlist to apply for it at a later time.

The job listings show you the location, salary, company, sector etc.  My favorite thing that it shows you though is if they offer flexibilty or not such as working only during school hours etc. is the best site I have ever seen for job hunting as a parent and I am very jealous they don’t offer it in my area and hope to see something like it in the very near future.  Would you like to see something like this in your area or do they offer something like it already?

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