Wow i feel lucky today thanks to Cat from 3 kids and us

So for the last month Cat at 3 kids and us has been running a bloggy babyshower that ended and winners were picked for today and i won not one but THREE great prizes.

I won a wonderful organic bath gift set from Natures Baby Organics which i got to choose the scent for ( i choose vanilla tangerine). It has shampoo, diaper rash cream, face and body moisturizer and two organic sherpa wash cloths in it.

Then i found out i also won the most adorable little diaper shirt from My Baby Bump Maternity, i could choose between boy or girl sizes 6-24 mths. I was browsing the site and since Lee has decided he likes the boy one in the blue diaper shirt we opted to get the girl one in 24 mths which is maddys size and then we will order one for the new baby.

And last but most definetly not least i won the moses basket from Hoohoobers. I got really excited when i saw that because they are gorgeous baskets, and i won one in a giveaway a cpl of weeks back for Maddisyn for her dolls (it was their doll sized basket). When i got it i just knew i had to have one for this baby too and so if i didn’t win it i was going to buy it but Cat’s giveaway saved me 140 plus dollars. I have the choice between the classic pink, the classic blue or the classic green, but we choose the blue because we loved the colors, lord help us if this baby comes out a girl lol.

And Cat decided to end her giveaway with a bang, today is her due date and she is in labor i am excited for her and can’t wait to read her birth story and see pics of her new baby girl Emmaleigh.

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