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I have been working on using these dvds as a workout, there are so many I have been rotating them just to get a feel for them to be able to post a review.  If i had been using one or the other more consistantly i am sure I would have seen better results but now that I have used them enough for review I am going to cut back and use just one set for a month and then the other for a month and can post my progress as I go along.
I feel good after working out with them and feel super energized.  On top of that I have started to lose a couple of inches and feel a bit better about myself yay so if I keep this workout up hopefully I will be able to lose at least 100 lbs and be happier about myself then I have been in years.
The Yogaworks series was just released on 12/1/09 and the MSRP is $14.98 each.  There is three videos in this series, Yogaworks: Body Slim, Yogaworks: Beginners AM/PM and Yogaworks: Fit Abs.  Yogaworks is the largest yoga operator int he country with 23 studios and well over 100,000 students.  Now if you don’t have a Yogaworks near you, you can still benefit from the ultimate yoga experience.  Each DVD includes a learning guide to help you along as well.
The Yogaworks: Body Slim is an active series of yoga postures that all go together to sculpt long, lean muscles and improve flexibility.  It will increase upper and lower body strength, improve focuse and balance, burn fat and raise energy levels.  The Yogaworks: Beginners AM/PM is a comprehensive introduction into yoga.  You are guided through a series of yoga postures with clear and simple directions.  They are easy enough for anyone to try and are designed to build strength and increase flexibilty at a pace right for all.  A great way to start and end the day.  The Yogaworks: Fit Abs is a challenging workout that sequences traditional yoga psoes in intervals of high intensity movement and slow burn holds.  You are moving continuously to build strength in a fun but high intensity workout that will tone muscles and sculpt your waist.
The Yogaworks: Body Slim is 63 minutes long in total, the Beginners AM/PM is 82 minutes long and the Fit Abs is 66 minutes long.
Thank you the At home Fitness and Yogaworks for this great product to review.
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