You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out Kid

First let me pre-cursor this by saying that I was raised around guns and the use of them and so I am very aware of gun safety.  Let me also say that while they have never handled one my kids are very aware of gun safety from being around our family whom does hunt and our family camp where a gun is kept by the door (unloaded) for bear purposes if we are ever in danger.  Ok now that I have that out of the way here I go.

Lee wants to get the boys BB Guns, he has wanted to for the last three or so years and I always felt they were too young, would shoot my house up or worse yet shoot each other.  While I know boys will be boys my boys can be whiny and I don’t really want to listen to them whine about being shot in the butt by a BB or anything like that.  BUT I am considering giving in this year and letting him buy the kids BB guns.  Am I crazy?  Would you let your kids have BB guns?  Blake is 10 and Chase will be 12 in February.  I am just picturing a Christmas Story here ya know lol.


  1. Kathleen B says:

    Being a mom of boys as well and having been raised in a family where they were present, I would allow my boys to have them at that age, but only when being supervised. So, I would allow them to get them for Christmas, but I would only allow them to use them outside while being supervised by an adult and I would make them turn them in to be put up when they were done.

    I have seen too many instances of revenge in my household to let the boys run around with BB guns at will. As long as they are being supervised and not torturing animals or people with them, I see no problem with it at their ages. Just my two cents though.

    • Jessi says:

      Thanks Kathleen, they would be well supervised I too know the revenge thing and only have two boys I am not sure how you do it with your 4. I think maybe I just need to realize they are not babies anymore 🙁

      • Kathleen B says:

        You hit the nail on the head right there. It is so hard to let go a little. You want them to stay little so long, that it is hard to know when you need to let them grow up a little. I know the feeling well. No decision is the wrong one though. If you aren’t ready this year, then don’t feel bad about saying no. Your mommy instincts always know best. 🙂

  2. Tamara B. says:

    I grew up in Illinois had four brothers, my father and them use to hunt all of time, they also had BB guns when they were little too. I have three sons and I never bought them a BB gun (LOL)

  3. Melinda says:

    I know Rob would love to get Shaun a bb gun but he’s not mature enough. Him and his friends play with marshmallow blasters and it never fails someone gets hit in the face. I don’t need that kind of stress in my life. Each child is different though, you have to determine their maturity level along with your comfort level.

  4. I think the kids who get hurt are the ones who aren’t supervised or taught proper safety. With guns already present, they probably already have a certain respect and understanding that they are dangerous.

    I also think it depends upon where you live. If they have the ability to use them outdoors away from people and such.

    • Jessi says:

      Very true, they do have the level of respect that is probably necessary for them to have them and know safety. AS well we have a fenced back yard they would use it in and of course out at our camp away from the others present.

  5. I grew up around guns and BB guns. If that’s something you want your boys to have, as their mom, you’re the best judge (as well as their dad) of when they’re mature enough to handle such a responsibility.

    • Jessi says:

      Their dad has been advocating for one for a couple years I do not take his judgment 🙂 But this is true, I guess I could let them try and if not put them away until I think they can handle them

  6. R Hicks says:

    It all depends on their maturity level and that will change year to year. A BB gun is almost a right of passage for boys. If not this year maybe next

  7. Lauralee Hensley says:

    I set the basement of our home on fire as a kid with a BB gun. Me and my older brother went into the basement. My brother used a hand drill and drilled some little holes in a scrape piece of wood my Dad had his workshop down there. In the little holes we stuck some of those longer wood matches used to light a furnance. Then we placed the board with the matches on an old dresser my mom had in the big room in the basement, we referred to as the toy room. Two of the walls in the toy room had a concrete shelf area where my mom kept clothes she no longer wore, clothes that me and my younger sister would probably get as hand me downs from our older sisters too small now line of wear.
    Anyways my brother dared me that I wouldn’t be able to make any of the matches light by shooting them with the BB Gun. I started shooting, and sure enough we didn’t see any flames on the tips of the matches. So my brother went over to pull out the matches I had broken off with the BB’s I’d shoot though. Then he put in new ones so he could try.
    When he came back to the far part of the room and was taking aim, he said I smell something funny.
    Then I said, I see smoke.
    One of the matches I’d shot at did light and the lighted tip must have flown up into one of the boxes of clothes on the shelf.
    My brother was about to yell Mom when we saw her running down the stairs. She knocked the box off the shelf, took an old wool blanket we had on an older cot that was in that room and she smothered out the fire there. Then we noticed one of the beams was smoldering and about to flare. My brother had run upstairs and got a pot of water. He threw it on the beam.
    Boy, oh boy were we scolded. After that we never got to use the BB gun unless Dad was with us.
    Didn’t shoot our eyes out, just set the basement on fire.
    True story, cross my heart.
    So, yeah, get a BB gun, but make and enforce rules when it can be used beforehand.

  8. I guess a boy’s childhood would be incomplete if he never owned a BB gun. It depends though on what kind of BB gun would they use. So what type of BB gun they got? Was it a pistol type or the rifle type?

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